Brief Introduction of KC International Airlines

KC International Airlines Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Cambodian joint venture which was founded in Cambodia (KC AIR is our alternative name). The company actively responds to and implements the “Belt and Road Initiative” of the Chinese Government, the “Four-Corner Strategy” of the Cambodian Government, and the “Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025”.


The establishment of KC AIR is strongly supported by Cambodian National Government and State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA). In July 2017, the company registered and obtained approval from the Cambodian Government for the purpose of actively promoting friendship and mutual trust between China and Cambodia. KC AIR earned the AOC (Air Operator Certificate) and launched its business operation in August 2018.


KC AIR’s headquarter is located opposite of Phnom Penh International Airport, and with Siem Reap and Sihanoukville as two main operational bases. The network of KC AIR will cover routes to China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), South Korea, Japan, and ASEAN countries.


The company uses the Airbus A320 family as the main aircraft for transport, operating with the ICAO code ‘KCH’ and IATA code ‘3Q’.


The airline’s LOGO consists of a seagull and three stars. The implied meaning of seagull is safety. In addition, seagulls are known as the maritime "navigators" and weather "forecasters" which are also important to airlines. KC AIR as an aviation company, the most important thing we care about is safety which is our goal and responsibility.

As seen in our logo, the seagull with its outstretched wings depict that KC AIR’s aircrafts will fly safely in the sky. The three stars between the seagull’s wings represent every person on the ground, which means KC AIR will take everyone to wherever he/she wants to go and gives everyone a warm and comfortable feeling of flying at the same time.


The airline’s slogan is “Fly Further, Be Closer”. KC AIR will help passengers realize their dreams of flying further while experiencing the remarkably hospitable service during their flight journey. We hope that through our service, our hearts can be closer to the hearts of the passengers. Choosing KC AIR means choosing a more reliably safe, convenient and comfortable flight.


KC AIR commits to provide hybrid airline service and operate over popular business routes. We will continue to develop and reach higher goals while serving every passenger. Our vision is to become the safest and most popular local airline in Cambodia as well as leading airline company in Southeast Asia and eventually become the national airline of Cambodia.







Call Center: +855 (0)23 952 777

Mailbox: (for travel agency only)

Address: No. C02, Russian Blvd., Sangkat Kakab, Khan Por Senchey,

Phnom Penh 12406, Kingdom of Cambodia